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Adult Stats
Final, 2017

Adult Division Rules:


All players must be 18 and over. 


Teams will be determined by a live draft to be held at the park once registration is complete.  Returning captains will each get a team with any vacancies filled by players who volunteer to captain on their registration form.  Captains will be responsible for communicating all information (game times/changes, playoff information) to their team. 


Each team will consist of up to 8 players and a goalie.  Players may sign up with one buddy only.

GOALIES will play FREE this year but must play goalie for their team.  (Exception: if one of your own rostered players wants to take a turn)  If a team's goalie can't make a game, another registered goalie or registered player (or father of a registered player) may fill in.


Tshirts will be provided and must be worn for all games.  Stats will not be accurate if the shirts are not worn.  Goalies will receive a shirt but may wear their own goalie shirt if they desire.  


Equipment will remain the same as for the other divisions, with the exception of the cage on the helmet.  We encourage all players to wear a cage or visor, but it is no longer mandatory. The complete list of equipment is helmet, elbow protectors, hockey gloves, shin guards that cover the knee, athletic supporter, skates (full compliment of wheels) and stick with taped or butt end.


Fee is $90 per player for 10 games and playoffs.  Games will be played on Thursday nights, and possibly an additional night depending on the number of teams in the division. 


The Route 51 park is located on Pleasant Hills Boulevard, across Route 51 from the Pleasant Hills Fire Department, and behind the AAA office, just south of the cloverleaf.


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